Vachetta leather embodies the nature of Italian craftsmanship. This leather has been tanned using natural vegetable tannins, a method handed down through generations in Toscana, Italy. This is a luxury leather that cannot be manufactured in large quantities. Even now, it is produced by hand, one piece at a time. It features a perfect thickness and elasticity that comes from the quality of the material. This is also a leather that develops a desirable patina. Frequent use gradually releases the oil in the leather, increasing its sheen and shaping the leather to fit your hand perfectly.

COTTA products feature streamlined designs of refined taste and superior quality. The driving force behind our brand are the skilled hands of our Japanese craftsmen and their dedication to excellence. This uncompromising attention to detail reveals itself in all aspects of our leather goods. Our craftsmen have honed their skills by training in Italy and France, adopting their methods and passion for fine leather goods. Each COTTA creation is made in Asakusa, Japan.